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RINASCIMENTO has an elegant, extravagant and sexy style that all modern girls and women will love. In short, all ladies and gentlemen of all ages, who love luxury, quality and elegant fashion, will love this brand. Rinascimento is an Italian luxury brand, whose history dates back to 1960. Its founder, Vittorio Tadei, wanted an Italian luxury design transferred to clothes, which will highlight the most beautiful features of every real woman.

Pretty decent models, but also “wild”, subject to current trends, combinations of materials, colors, and playful patterns. What is specific to this brand? It is very original, and, due to this fact, each collection always produces a limited number of pieces, just to make every woman feel exceptional and unique. Therefore, if you choose something, do not hesitate for too long, because it is really possible not to find that piece!

Batch features

Quallity A
Gender Women
Season All seasons
Collection 2019-2020

Price list

40 pcs 9.50 € / piece

Batch content

Jackets 10 %
Shirts 10 %
Blouse 8 %
Trousers 26 %
Accessories 7 %
Skirts 5 %
Dress 30 %
Mix clothing 4 %

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