We distribute branded fashion stock all over the world

  1. You can buy from MegaStock Outlet Clothes Wholesale by purchasing through the website stockoutletbrand.com via phone or email .
  1. The owner of website www.stockoutletbrand.com is MegaStock represententing the company Sc Dankouz Srl .
  1. All prices in the MegaStock Outlet  Clothes Wholesale are shown net and do not include taxes (VAT). The price of each is valid at the time of placing an order. The company reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer, introducing new products to offer by Internet service, carrying out and cancel promotions on the site or make changes.
  1. When a customer place an order constitutes acceptance by you of the provisions of these Contract Regulations
  1. Our categories and grades explained:

1st Grade: Mix of brand new or like new items in perfect condition. These are shop returns, excess stock, cancellations, clearance stock or a mix of all. Items can be with our without security tags, labels or packaging. . Can be with or without tags.

  2nd Grade: Mix of shop and customer returns. Items in this mix might be brand new, however will have minor issues such as dirty marks, open seams, faulty zips or missing buttons. Some items were purchased in store or online and returned by the customer, therefore can be worn or washed. Paper tags and inside labels might be missing or cut out.tems can be with our without security tags, labels or packaging. . Can be with or without tags.

  1. Order will be realized if the goods are available in storehouse. In case of unavailability of the goods which client ordered, client will be informed about the status of his order and can decide the method of implementation (partial realization, elongation time, canceling the whole order).
  1. We accept the following forms of payment:- Payment on bank account
    – Cash on pickup goods on our warehouse in maximum 1000 eur
  2. Customers are informed about the status of the order by e-mail or phone
  1. All orders are shipped within 2-5 business days after placing the order, or entering the payment in case of payment by bank transfer.
  1. MegaStock reserves the right to reject an order, after review by an employee of the company. In case of such a decision, the client will be informed of the refusal within 3 working days.
  1. We reserve the right to withdraw from the sale particular products.
  1. Product photos may differ from products which we are selling.
  1. This presentation does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
  1. Any person which registering in the system, or  sending request for prices  or distribution with filling  your personal  data – consents to receive commercial information about new shipments
  1. and other news related to MegaStock – Outlet Clothes Wholesale and entities cooperating closely with that company in the form of e-mail, letter, or telephone (in accordance with Art. 10 paragraph. 2 of the Act of 18 July 2002 About The provision of electronic services).
  1. Registration on the website, or send data in a different form which  specified in the service global-stock.eu is indicate to your agreement to the processing of personal data submitted and at that same process in promotional purposes – commercial, as well as share these data with other entities which cooperate with MegaStock Outlet Warehouse, Clothes Wholesale, and the use of these data aforementioned third parties for promotional purposes – trading (pursuant to the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997. On the Protection of Personal Data).
  1. Giving Tax ID – is ment that a person  is engaged in business. The system can record the retail companies and individuals. Your data that you provide are needed and will be used for the invoice sales and service requests.
  1. Buyers, making resale conducted especially for consumers is required to appropriate marking of clothing in accordance with applicable regulations and requirements of PIH (the clothing, the importer, etc.).
  1. By placing an order meant a purchase from a website and place an order by phone or mail. Outlet goods is a commodity-specific, which can not be accurately determined as to the exact content of the mix or pallets, so all descriptions of goods on the site may not be taken literally and should not be construed as an offer in accordance with a detailed understanding of the Central Committee.
  1. The products sold by us is not covered by guarantee. Outlet goods as dafinition meanes that the goods  is second-market which was withdrawn from regular sales and its price (much lower than the price the manufacturer) compensates for the loss of warranty. We do not guarantee labels on all of our products. Packages are sample pictures in the gallery for this package. The maximum number of items damaged in 1st quality, should not exceed 5% of the amount purchased. We don’t accept any returns , just in case of wrong delivery .
  1. In cases which not covered in these rules will be applied Civil Law. Court of law which applicable is Court of Cluj Napoca .
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  1. We reserve the right to change these terms.