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MegaStock is one of the largest wholesalers of outlets in Europe. We offer branded stock clothes, shoes and accessories of well-known designers brands across all the world. Our main focus is high quality fashion for a low price.

We have started our business in 2005 and since that moment we have supplied more than 2000 shops and warehouses with millions of pieces of clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories. We are proud to say we keep in touch with our contented clients from up to 4 continents Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and over 40 countries .

Worldwide coverage

We distribute branded apparel and shoes all around the world to outlet stores , wholesalers etc

Constant and safe supply

Direct contracts with the brands or their representative sellers guarantee the punctual wholesale supply of high European quality seasonal fashion items

High quality at best prices

Buying in a large amount of clothing directly from the brands and manufacturer allows us to offer products at the lowest possible price on the market

Fashion stock solutions

We offer smart stock solutions and help wholesale supplier solution to resell thousands of fashion items from the top brands



For over 10 years we have mastered every aspect of the stocks liquidation in fashion industry including logistic department, sorting, transport and customs documentation.


More than 1 decade of thriving long term relationships with our suppliers and buyers.


We have exclusive distribution rights with many of fashion brands suppliers making our product truly unique in the market and giving us the advantage of offering the best prices.


European largest exporter of excess and returned fashion, processing over 600 truckloads per year of surplus fashion directly from Major Brands Department Stores.

We are not a broker

All the goods we offer are either in stock or available as samples in our warehouse. We offer good quality, a large selection and fast business transaction. Customers are welcome to view and inspect the goods in our warehouse.


We mix our inventory using a proven formula to ensure that each customer receives quality and the highest possible return on investment. We also offer to our customer, which are interested in large quantities, the opportunity to buy the products in the original mix which we receive from our suppliers

Constant supply

We guarantee our customers constant supply stocks and guaranteed variety in fashion branded products, always available in our warehouse more than 300.000 pcs.


Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or even a start-up, we can provide a great selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, from the best worldwide retail brands for men, women and children.


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